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Mid-Summer Days Blues

Mid-Summer Days Blues


So, I've been in kind of a funk for the last couple of weeks or so. I think its that point in the summer where you really want to just go back to school, and live you "other life" on your own accord. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Chicago and my friends and family but, this summer has not been the "vacation" that I hoped it would be.  SO in an effort to dig myself out of this funk, I took myself on a therapeutic shopping trip and hung out with my girlies. I think that the excessive heat and the day to day tasks that rest solely on me have really added to my irritation. My car and my phone also decided to implode around the same time. But since the weather is cooling, I've decided to put some good karma out into the world and make a list of the things that I'm most looking froward to in the coming months.

1. RETURNING TO NYC: I love New York, its a sexy ass town. Going back there means I get to return to the life that I've built for myself, and to the complete freedom that comes with living alone and making decisions solely for myself without any unwanted input for others.

2. APPLYING TO GRAD SCHOOL: Though I'm not looking forward to taking the GRE (Bleech). I am looking forward to sending off my grad school applications to Columbia, Northwestern, DePaul and of NYU. The end of undergrad is drawing near and I'm excited to see where my life will take me next.

3. INTERNING: I've only had one internship thus far, my sophomore year of college at a non-profit called New York Women In Film and Television (NYWIFT). It was a rewarding experience and it helped my narrow down what I really want to do in the film and television industry. I have a few internship applications lined up for the fall, so I hope that I will be able to snag one of them.

4. WATCH THE THRONE TOUR: If by the grace of God I can snag a ticket, I've opted out of returning home for Thanksgiving in favor of the concert. However, if I can't get one, then family and baked macaroni and cheese is always fab too.

5. MY NEW RESIDENTS: Being a RA is one of the hardest jobs I've ever had, but its also one of the best jobs, and I fell in love with my resies last year. My new ones have some huge shoes to fill, so it should be an exciting year.

6. MY NEW WEAVE:): I've ordered my fall hair and its fab:) Plus I'm always enthusiastic about weave.

Off to for a Sunday afternoon BBQ with the fam BTW if you haven't seen Crazy, Stupid, Love IDK what you're doing with your life <3

I  would have the man's children, like for real <3

xoxoxoxox Chocolate Girl In the City

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