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Things I've Learned Since Turning 21

Things I've Learned Since Turning 21



So I finally turned twenty-one this past Wednesday, an event I've been waiting on for as long as I can remember. My actual birthday was pretty chill, I worked my nine to five and got lots of hugs from little children because I wore a ridiculous birthday crown/headband on my head that my baby cousins Ari and  Iggy boy picked out at the dollar store for me last year. After work, I headed home to freshen up and then off to my cousins house for pizza, family time and a Smirnoff Ice. (Yes, I realize that many of you reading this are horrified that this was my drink of choice on my actual 21st BDAY. My bestie expressed her disgust and horror during the moment but whatevs, I had to work the next day and that green apple flavor tasted delicious with Giordanos). The next day I saw the 12:10 am showing of Harry Potter with my sister and daddy, but Saturday was the day I looked forward to the most. I got off of work early that day and headed to the spa to get some girly mantiance  (Now I never go anywhere looking busted but, since I work outside with children all day, my Carrie Bradshaw swag has been some what lacking this summer). 7:30pm I met the fam and a couple of friends at Uncle Julio's for some delicious food and my real birthday drink, "The Swirl" (A layered drink of frozen margarita and sangria). After some antics that could only happen when my family is around, me, my bestie and the lovely Elisa, stepped out for a night on the town. Of course I drank too much too quickly (though I was warned), so I felt a bit sickish at the beginning of the night, but after awhile I got it together and we went dancing at a club and then over to a delightful bar with delightful air conditioning. I ended the night fairly early, arriving home at 3:30ish. I woke up this morning slightly hungover and I had a freak out because I was convinced that I had lost my licence the night before. (It was in the passenger's seat of my car). But I got myself together and me, sissy and my two cousins hauled our asses to Olympia Field's for my baby cousin's 8th birthday party (it was a SPLASH theme). As I scarfed down, nachos and an Italian sausage in my hangover haze, I reflected on what I had learned in the few days since turning 21 and I came up with the following:

1. AIN'T NOTHIN' CHANGED BUT THE DAY IT IS: My lovely Auntie B.B. called me on my actual Bday and left me a voice message that said something along the lines of "Happy Birthday Arami, I hope you're having a great day. I know you probably don't feel any different since you done did everything that a grown person would do." LOL I couldn't disagree because this is indeed the truth. The only difference is that I don't have to be paranoid about doing hood rat things with my friends since I am free and clear to do what I please.

2. I'M NOT A CLUB PERSON: Let me clarify, I use to think I was a homebody but that's not actually  the case, I'm simply not a club person. Though I had a good time at the club, I much preferred the night before and the dinner with the fam at Uncle Julio's. The night before, I had cocktails and chicken wings with my girlfriends at my besties house. We watched Katt Williams, Kevin Hart and the Chappelle Show. It was epic fun. I'm a people person and I love to converse with people sober or not.  In the club you can't hear shit and if the music ain't right you have to force yourself to dance. I'm much more of an bar, event, lounge, house party, small gathering type of gal. (Plus the attire worn at the club offends me to no end.)

3. DRUNK GIRLS IN THE BATHROOM WHO LOVE YOUR OUTFIT ARE THE BEST PART OF THE CLUB: After drinking my drink too fast, I headed to the bathroom upon arriving at the club. When I came out of the stall I was feeling a bit better, as I was washing my hands a very cute, very drunk girl squealed when she saw my shoes, and she went on and on about them and my outfit for about 10 mins. Though my stomach was still a bit queasy, she and her friends being super nice and friendly helped me get over it and over myself.

4. I DON'T LIKE MEN THAT EVERY ONE ELSE LIKES: Let me begin by saying that I have a fetish for Rick Ross. It all began with his verse in "Devil in A New Dress on Kanye's BDTF. My delight and lust for the delicious man caused my bestie to slave away making me a poster full of pictures of him that will be hanging over my bed in my dorm room this year. *****Snapping Back to Reality****** There's a delicious bouncer at the club we went to by the name of Big Mike. My bestie met him last month when she was there for her 21st and was delighted by his largeness and general sexxiness. When my flyy friend Paij saw him she wanted to know if he had a twin, brother or friend for her.  I therefore had geared up and had been waiting  to see him. When I did however finally see him, drunk women were throwing themselves at him as he stood their awkwardly. All attraction that I might have had towards him quickly faded. I'm always disgusted when women throw themselves at men, and though rationally I know it wasn't his fault (he was being paid to stand there after all). I was disgusted by him and refused to speak to him.

5. MEN COULD REALLY CARE LESS HOW MUCH GAS COST WHEN THEY'RE ON THE PROWL: One of the highlights of the night was walking the few blocks back to the car when we left the club on the way to the bar.  My girls and I chatted up roughly 8 men in the 3 and a half block walk to the car, Three of them literally put their cars in reverse when they rolled past us,  claiming that they would be going wherever we ended up. Like I said, I'm a people person, so I was delighted to  humor them. One 35 year old man declared in a very corny manner to my bestie that he'd chosen her. Me, Elisa, and ole boy he was driving with literally laughed in his face, he laughed too because he knew how ridiculous he sounded. I also obtained a free CD, gave out my number, scolded a man for smoking,  and ridiculed a nineteen year old boy for wearing a hair bonnet in public. ( Yes, this all occurred in 3 and a half blocks).

6. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSE TO BE THERE ALWAYS SHOW UP (OR CALL OR TXT, OR COMMENT OR SOMETHING): I guess I still feel some type of way about this but I'm a Cancer so I'm sensitive. It's pretty self explanatory so I shan't elaborate. SMH being annoyed its part of the reason i drank too fast.

7. I'M IN DENIAL ABOUT HARRY POTTER ENDING: My sissy and daddy, we basically losing their shiz over the final movie, rushing me down Lake Shore Drive, rushing my parking at the theater and then making me get all the refreshments at the show. Harry Potter has been such a major part of my life (since I was eight years old), that I refuse to think about it being over and instead, I shall begin reading all of the book over in the next few weeks.

8. DEMETRIA L. LUCAS IS THE BOMB.COM: So I heard about this amazing woman on VerySmartBrothas  and I had seen her face on Essence. I discovered her blog A Belle In Brooklyn and I begged sissy to get me her book by the same name for my bday. I'm nearly finished with the book and I'm convinced that Ms. Lucas is one of the flyyest, most real women ever. I swiftly emailed her since one of my goals now is to stalk her life when I return to NYC.

9. CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAY PARTIES ARE FUN AS HELL : I had a delightful time today in the 90 degree weather. I hauled my size ten booty up a children's blow up water slide in my auntie's backyard and slid down falling out of the slide and onto the grass. I gossiped with my fam, screamed, laughed, ate, ate some more, ate cake and ice cream, played with babies and kids and had an epic time. I hope I never get to "cool" for such events.

So these are the things that I've learned and discovered about myself in the four days that I've been 21. I guess your twenties are about finding out exactly who you are, and this is me.  I'm currently laying in my bed and I've popped in Love Jones for the trillionth time. I mean this face never gets old.

When is a man gonna cook me a cheese omelet? (Just for reference I like ham and bell peppers in it too, with a cup of coffee, cream and sugar.) Goodnight Love Bugs xoxoxoxo Chocolate Girl In the City xoxoxoxoxox

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