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I CAN'T!!!: Episode 1

I CAN'T!!!: Episode 1

I'mma Need You To Have All Types of Seats!

Basically because I'm surrounded by incompetence I had to start these mini episodes just talking about the foolery that enters my life. They shall henceforth be known as "I CAN'T".

Let's get into the first episode: So yesterday, I was working the front desk at my dorm and we were giving out cookies to whomever could answer a Black History Month trivia question. Mind you the question had been posted around the building and the answer had also been strategically placed on the bulletin board in the mail room for all to see. The question was as followed: What court case established "separate but equal" which was eventually overturned by the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision? Answer: Plessy v. Ferguson. Now, I was pleased that about half of the students did in fact know the answer. Others did not know, so instead of guessing they either asked me or went to look at the board. Not this one ignorant heifer though. Let me tell you about this broad SMHHHHHH!!!. This girl looked me dead in my eye and told me the answer was Roe v. Wade.  I really CAN'T!!!!!!! I actually REFUSE!!!! It took all I had not to reach across the counter and thump her in the head. I mean are you serious?? ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS??!!!!!. Not knowing Plessy v. Ferguson as a self involved privileged twit is one thing. But as a woman not knowing Roe v. Wade is actually UNACCEPTABLE. She then had the nerve to ask for a cookie I told her "NO!" and then  I proceeded her to stare at her until she walked away. Obviously its time for me to graduate because obviously these people weren't breast fed.

xoxoxo Chocolate Girl In The City  xoxoxoxox

PS. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!  Episode 2

I CAN'T!!!!!!!!! Episode 2

Why I Think Chris Brown Should Have Performed At The Grammys & Why My Friends Disagree

Why I Think Chris Brown Should Have Performed At The Grammys & Why My Friends Disagree