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Guess Ya'll Finally Learned Today

Guess Ya'll Finally Learned Today


It kills me when certain shall I say, "mainstream" folks  wants to cry foul when someone calls them offensive and/or racist. They want to run around and talk about their Black or Latino BFF or their trip to Africa. But in their heart of hearts, many of them still view us (minorities) as others.  We will always be people unlike them; less human. To too many of them we are simply people to be made fun of; the brunt of their jokes. Now, I'm in no way condoning these terrorist threats or saying that hacking personal and private information is fine or appropriate. (Also Ms. Angelina please sit down with this I want to play Cleopatra bullshit. First and foremost you are WHITE AS SNOW (but I guess that didn't stop Ridley Scott and his trashy ass Exodus: Gods and Kings). But secondly, ma'am you can BARELY act on a good day. I enjoyed Maleficent but that's probably because I'm a six year old child at heart.

What baffles me is the fact that The Interview  got green lit in the first place. Literally MILLIONS of dollars went into this ridiculous ass film which would have probably bombed anyway, Meanwhile, Ride Along (which wasn't particularity good but still) made $134,938,200. And they were only trying to pay Kevin Hart $3 million dollars (which is pennies if you know anything about studio films and the amount of money that they typically pay leading men.)

I think that the first amendment should be taking extremely serious, I am able to say what I want and do as I please on this platform because of it.  But there is one thing that I do know, something that I think many minorities know in this country, something that those with white privilege can't seem to grasp is that all words, actions and reactions have consequences. You can not just open your mouth and say whatever you want thinking someone is going to respond favorably. Just like Black and people know we can't walk down the street an expect the police to treat us like human beings.  Just like women can't walk down the street and expect to be left alone. (SMH).

I disagree with President Obama here completely. Why would Sony release the film?  They're losing all the money on earth right now, why continue to bleed out? They are already completely humiliated and exposed why continue the circus. I'm even more exasperated I think at the fact that trash like this can be made and fantastic talented people with great scripts fantastic acting skills can;t even get a break.

I would say that the only way for people to see how absurd the film was is if the tables were turned, but we all know that Sony and Amy Pascal thinks that POTUS is simply a chicken eating, Friday watching coon. Some of the biggest bullies I've ever met have worked in the film and television industry. Likewise, though I love this country despite its numerous numerous faults America has continued to be one of the biggest bullies globally.  It's always been a game of whose dick is bigger. I guess we've all learned today that North Korea had the bigger dick, but not only that, they also have us by our balls. Like I said previously, feel free to do whatever you please, just don't be alarmed when someone lays your shit bare. Don't continue to create storms and expect it not to rain.

xoxoxo Chocolate Girl in the City xoxoxox
PS. In an ironic twist of fate, Sony has hired scandal crisis expert Judy Smith. (Olivia Pope is based off of Ms. Smith.)

PPS: Did y'all know they even came for Denzel?!!!!
Do You Feel Me?

Do You Feel Me?

Makes Me Want To Holler

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