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'Scandal' Winter Finale Recap: "Where the Sun Don’t Shine"

'Scandal' Winter Finale Recap: "Where the Sun Don’t Shine"


Jake and Fitz are still at each other’s throats and Papa Pope is in the wind. Fitz has sent all of his man power after Rowan, but to no avail. Instead of finding Big Pappa, they find Olivia’s Mama who Rowan had said he killed. (We all know that he didn't kill her, apparently he's obsessed with her, visiting her every day.)

Mama Pope seems crazed and deranged as usual. Either she’s lost her mind from living in that death hole for so long, or she actually doesn't think that Liv is on to her and her conniving ways. But oh, Olivia is most certainly on. She orders her boys to charge her mother with murder, terrorism and treason, and then she tells them to hunt down her father and kill him.  Clearly someone is not trying to play nicely with her makers.

Liv isn’t the only one whose world is crumbling. Huck and Quinn go after Javi after he witnesses them kill Dan Kubiak. The boy is obviously traumatized, and Huck’s ex-wife is enraged that Huck has been in contact with the boy after she explicitly told him to leave them alone. It's not looking like Huck is ever going to have a relationship with his child; perhaps he should have listened to Liv when she tried to reason with him. (Shonda just let Huck be great.)

Back at 1600 Pennsylvania Fitz is trying to figure out what to do about Angola. He wants retaliate for the attack because doesn’t want to seem weak. However, Fitz really doesn't have the heart for a war.
After cleaning up the mess, Quinn tells Liv about the twisted triangle of Kubiak, Lizzie Bear and VP Andrew Nichols (I really miss Sally Langston, she was a terrifying delight). Liv has barely hung up the phone when Lizzie marches her self-righteous self into OPA to tell Liv she knows was Cyrus Beene bugging her phone, and not the virus that Liv told her it was. Ms. Girl is not happy that she's been lied to, and she basically lets a Liv know that she will destroying Cyrus.

Liv rushes off to the White House to tell Cyrus that ish is gonna hit the fan, but it's already much too late. Liv can barely finish her sentence when Abby rushes in saying The Times has been asking her about sexy pictures with Cyrus in them.

On the defensive, Liv briefs the President's inner circle about Cyrus and Male Escort Michael. She also lets it be known that VP Andrew is screwing Lizzie; tragically poor Mellie is caught surprise. (She really thought her and Blandrew had a sweet thing…smh.)

The press is having a field day, a Republic Chief of Staff is having a tawdry affair with a hooker “Chief of Staffs” one headline reads.   At first the White House tries to stall, but then David Rosen gets wind of what's happening which means congressional hearing and resignations.  (Why must David always be the white hat wearing tattle tell? He has got to start wearing more black.)

Basically all of this is unacceptable. We all know we can’t have Fitz in the White House without Cyrus, and I suppose Fitz realizes this as well because he tells Liv to fight for Cyrus. Liv’s big plan… “Pretty Woman: 2014 edition", she wants Michael and Cyrus to get married. (Basically Cyrus would “own” Michael as opposed to “renting” him. There are all types of gag orders, prenups and contracts at play.) Michael says yes (obviously he's set for life, the man gets something like a million a year for 3 years.) Cyrus however is not here for it.  He calls it “cruel and unfair.” (I'm not sure why he's pissed at Michael, he knew he was for sale so what did he expect.)

Jake has finally been let out of his cage and he's in the streets trying to track down Rowan. He can't seem to figure out how their failed capture of commanded went wrong.  But, Jake isn’t the only one on the hunt, someone is after him as well.

Jake figures out that Rowan is trying to tie up loose ends, which means that he’s killing everyone that was every involved in B613. Quinn, Huck and Charlie are all at risk. Quinn tries to be nice and warn Charlie, which results in a hot and heavy tumble in the sheets. (I really don’t see it for Charlie and Quinn is so disturbing.)

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